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The Couture Experience

"Having a custom made gown is a unique experience that all my brides absolutely love."

I know your wedding gown is a big decision and very important to you. I offer a level of personal service, knowledge and attention that will immediately put you at ease. There are often an overwhelming amount of wedding details to attended to... and you can trust me to take care of the dress! Your gown will surpass expectations in everything from design and fit, to quality and construction. I can assure you a fun and enjoyable experience. 


Finding your ideal wedding gown should be an experience you enjoy. I hear from more and more brides that are disappointed with the service and selection of traditional boutiques. Many are unhappy with the same designs that seem to be offered everywhere, the poorly made and overpriced gowns that don’t fit, or the additional charges for changes and expensive alterations. You will not have any of those issues dealing with Jeffrey James.


Working directly with me, we can create any look, feel or design you wish for your gown. We discuss fabrics and I source options and go over each with you as we decide. I develop your personal fit and incorporate any changes or alterations we discuss to the design of your gown before it is even cut in the real fabric. This ensures the finished look will fit you to perfection and there are never additional alteration charges.

Consultations are free and there are no obligations.

We will discuss your thoughts on the style, silhouette, fabrics, details, and any other ideas you may have about your gown.

You will see samples of some of my gowns and see the pride, craftsmanship and care I take in creating each piece.

Should you decide to move forward at this time measurements will be taken.

You will be treated to time honored traditional Couture methods using muslin mock-ups and fittings.

First appointment: Initial canvas fitting

A basic fitting in cotton muslin fabric will be tailored and pinned on you to begin the custom fitting process.

Once this has been fit to your body, more specific details of your gown will be added later, which will be discussed in more detail at this time.

Based on your initial consultation, we will look at fabric samples and begin to narrow our choices.


Second: Detailed canvas fitting

A more detailed fitting in cotton muslin fabric will be tailored and pinned on you as you see the shape and proportion of your gown begin to take form.


Third: Initial fabric fitting

Now that the fit of your gown has been worked out, it is time to cut and sew your real fabric and begin to create your actual gown.

Any remaining details are discussed and finalized at this time.


Fourth: Detailed fabric fitting

Your gown will be almost complete with just a few last minute details to check and finish, like the hem. Any remaining adjustments are made at this time.


Final appointment

Your gown will be finished and after a final check in the mirror, you will be able to leave with your made-to-measure couture gown ready for the walk down the aisle! 



Each Jeffrey James bride is offered a basic veil of any length to finish off her look, free of charge.

A Jeffrey James gown is meticulously constructed and finished by hand using the best fabrics, couture techniques and artistry learned and developed over a long career.


Mass produced "designer" gowns are generally completed in just 1 to 3 days, which is standard in the bridal industry. Your gown will be created over weeks, not days, providing a much higher standard of workmanship, service, value, fit and integrity for your money than you will find with any store bought gown.

The design and creation of your gown generally takes 6 to 8 months, depending on your timeline and the complexity of the gown.

It is possible to create a gown in less time if you are on a deadline, but it would depend on my schedule and availability.

Prices start at $2500 and depend on the individual design and how much fabric, lace, and beading that is ultimately chosen to create your one-of-a-kind gown.

My prices are all inclusive, and because it is made to fit you, there are no additional costs for alterations as none are required, and that can be a huge savings!

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